Pushing Yourself

Do you ever encounter low points? Times in your life when you aren't feeling that inspiration, aren't feeling like your best self?

That happened to me recently. I was having a hard time focusing. Having a hard time getting the things done that I know need to get done.

So I went skiing. This was late January in the Sierra Nevada, and conditions were atrocious, but that's never stopped me before. But you know what was really weird? After a few runs I wasn't having fun. How could this be? I love to ski. I'm the co-founder of  Urban Snow for crying out loud, how could I not be HAVING FUN?

Then I realized what was missing. I wasn't pushing myself. I was nursing a back injury and trying to take it easy. Playing it safe. And it wasn't exciting.

So the next run I headed over the terrain park. I'm pretty rusty at sliding boxes and rails. Really rusty. Like scared to hit the features rusty. But I finally lined up a flat rail and tried to slide it.

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Photos by Jack Tompkins
and Harrison Atwood