All About Synthetic (a.k.a "Dry") Slopes

How do you live in a city far from the mountains, work a demanding job, and still ski or snowboard more than 100 times a year? No, you don’t need a private jet. Or a lax in-office work policy. Or a summer home in Chile. The answer is much simpler than that, and I’m going to tell you all about it. 

What follows is a story about synthetic ski surfaces and how they will impact the future of the sport. We are going to share with you the details of how you can ski and snowboard year round without the need to travel to the mountains. This will be a three part series.

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Interview with Buck Hill's David Solner


Buck Hill, Minnesota is the first ski resort in North America to install a synthetic ski slope and now provides year round skiing and riding. We caught up with Buck Hill owner David Solner to learn about the positive impact their synthetic installation is having on the community.

Urban Snow Meetup in Sunnyvale - August 6, 2017

Snowboarding in the City
We invite you to join for  an exclusive first look at the Proslope advanced synthetic surface we will be using at Urban Snow.  I f you are an intermediate or above skier or snowboarder and would like to make some turns: ​ Bring your ski or snowboard equipment (equipment will NOT be available to rent or borrow) Wear long sleeves, long pant...
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Urban Snow is Seeking Director of Community Development

Director of Community Development Overview Urban Snow is going to change the ski industry. We believe our customers shouldn't have to choose between living in the city and skiing/riding. They want to do both, and we make it possible. We're bringing skiing and riding to the city. We're looking for a talented, passionate and motivated Director of Com...
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Interview with Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre’s Kevin Hoff

Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre is North America's largest synthetic ski area. Located on the campus of Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, the facility offers year round skiing and riding for both it's students and the general public. Urban Snow caught up Marketing Coordinator Kevin Hoff to learn more.  

Interview with URBANpiste’s Lauren Davies

URBANpiste is a British skiing and snowboarding brand that manufactures clothing and apparel specific for synthetic slope and indoor snow centres. URBANpiste was created to represent the established and emerging snow sports community within Britain. Urban Snow caught up with the founder Lauren Davies, to learn more about Urbanpiste, and the UK Ski ...
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Interview with God Save the Scene’s creator Jack Tompkins

"God Save The Scene" is the first feature film from Ski The Kingdom , a project between a group of UK skiers aiming to promote, support and progress the UK freeski scene. In their first offering the STK team travel around the country exploring the people, places and attitudes that make skiing in the UK such an incredible experience. Urban Snow caug...
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Photos by Jack Tompkins
and Harrison Atwood