Interview with Buck Hill's David Solner


Buck Hill, Minnesota is the first ski resort in North America to install a synthetic ski slope and now provides year round skiing and riding. We caught up with Buck Hill owner David Solner to learn about the positive impact their synthetic installation is having on the community.

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Interview with Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre’s Kevin Hoff

Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre is North America's largest synthetic ski area. Located on the campus of Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, the facility offers year round skiing and riding for both it's students and the general public. Urban Snow caught up Marketing Coordinator Kevin Hoff to learn more.  
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Interview with URBANpiste’s Lauren Davies

URBANpiste is a British skiing and snowboarding brand that manufactures clothing and apparel specific for synthetic slope and indoor snow centres. URBANpiste was created to represent the established and emerging snow sports community within Britain. Urban Snow caught up with the founder Lauren Davies, to learn more about Urbanpiste, and the UK Ski ...
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History of Synthetic Ski Slopes

Synthetic or "Dry" Slopes as they are called in the United Kingdom, have been around since the 1980's. They were originally developed to mimic skiing on snow in regions that typically don't receive natural snow and/or aren't cold enough to make snow. According to , there are an estimated 1,200 synthetic slopes used for skiing, ri...
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Interview with God Save the Scene’s creator Jack Tompkins

"God Save The Scene" is the first feature film from Ski The Kingdom , a project between a group of UK skiers aiming to promote, support and progress the UK freeski scene. In their first offering the STK team travel around the country exploring the people, places and attitudes that make skiing in the UK such an incredible experience. Urban Snow caug...
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Welcome to Urban Snow’s Blog

Hello and Welcome to Urban Snow's Blog! Periodically we will be posting interviews, news and updates on everything to do with synthetic ski slopes. Thank you for your support, Urban Snow
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Photos by Jack Tompkins
and Harrison Atwood